Monday, December 26, 2011

Small newspapers charge a lot for paywall; a note on my own pictures on blogs; even toys have to go to copyright school

Sme smaller newspapers are going "the extra mile" with their paywalls to raise revenue. At Shaw Newspapers,  a one year pass to read 1000 articles would cost $1995.   The latter sounds like the cost of a full body wax. One article is $2.95.  (The paper says its archive has no pictures or charts.) The corporate  link shows that the company has 13 small Midwestern newspaper.  By contrast, my own subscriptions to the WSJ and NYT are running about $100 and $180 a year, with Sunday print for the Times thrown in. 

I thought I would take this moment to mention that on blogs with movie reviews (sometimes TV and play reviews), I always identify the sources of any pictures if there is any chance visitors could think they were shot right off the movie screen (which is illegal and prohibited in almost any theater -- See Aug. 3, 2007 on my Movies blog) or DVD image at home. No, some pictures come from Wikipedia, most of which can be used with attribution (many are in p.d.) or were taken by me with my own camera. I identify the item photographed and when taken if necessary. In many cases, I have in-person images that are similar to those that could appear in the film.  These are mine.  I also have some estate photos from my parents (especially my father) from other parts of the country, often in BW, especially from the 1940s ( a few as early as the 1920s and a very few from grandparents in the 19th Century), and a number of movie reels, which I have made into DVD’s and can legally snapshot because ownership of this material is now mine by inheritance.  I certainly am prepared to discuss the use of any historical footage (there is some Arlington VA in the 1940s) with other film companies. 

First Picture: A music box gift for “Toys for Tots”.  I checked.  All the music is plays is public domain. Second: a typical "in person" photo, summer 2011.  Third: from the estate: my parents in 1940.

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