Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New site tracks P2P downloads by IP address, anyone can check from his home computer ("What you have downloaded")

There exists now a website that can tell you what you have downloaded from P2P environments.
Brian Krebs, formerly the Internet security writer for the Washington Post, has a story on 'Who knows “Whatyouhavedownloaded.com”?', link here

I declined to give the direct link because of a red warning from MyWOT, report here

The site picks up your IP address (although it can have trouble with dynamic IP’s) and tells you what has been downloaded (possibly illegally) from the address.  Imagine how this can fall into the hands of the copyright trolls. 

The site seems like a proof-of-concept, designed possibly by Russian-born Americans such as Suren Ter-Saakov.

One founder reported getting a message asking database records to be removed out of fear his parents would see it!

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