Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Righthaven defendant in Colorado gives detailed account of his battle; Righthaven now being served by marshalls to collect "loser" judgments

Visitors will enjoy the detailed account of Righthaven defendant Donald Douglas in Colorado on a blog called “American Power”, link (website url) here. Douglas pretty well covers the concept that Righthaven didn’t own the right to publish the materials it was filing shakedown lawsuits over – that is, lack of standing. He also explains the practical problems for individuals and very small businesses of being bullied by abusive and frivolous suits.

In practice, it seems if “loser pays” (more the law in Europe) is somewhat applying to Righthaven.

Nate Anderson, in the “Law and Disorder” column at Ars Technica, that US Marshalls are getting ready to collect a $63000 judgment from Righthaven, link here.

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