Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It's harder to be a Good Samaritan, or accept one

MSNBC tonight ran a video on the Thanksgiving spirit, showing how farmers in Illinois help each other get crops in on time. 

This story reminded me of an incident in September 1992 when I was on a bike trip with an outdoors group called Adventuring. In Delaware (the Blue Hen State), I fell behind and lost the pack (there was a period of heavy rain).  I needed to get back to the Eastern Shore town of Millington, MD to get to a particular house for dinner.  There was a stretch of US301 that is like an Interstate (once crossing into Maryland from Delaware), on which bikes are not allowed, as I recall. 

Just at that moment, an elderly couple in a pickup truck appeared and offered me a ride to Millington, with the mountain bike in the back. I can’t explain my luck to run into a good Samaritan. 

Yet, could I change a tire for someone?  Could I give someone a jump start?  Today that seems a bit dangerous (given a recent incident in Tysons Corner, VA).   We are becoming less willing to accept interdependence, not good for long term sustainability. 

Give thanks for past good Samaritans.

I did make a small contribution to Wikipedia this evening. I depend on it. 
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