Sunday, November 06, 2011

Churches develop sophisticated sites to manage tithes and contributions, watch security carefully

Churches are beginning to develop much more advanced websites, with sections for members only and the ability to process contributions and tithes, with credit cards.  As a result, the sites need much more sophisticated security (in handling personal information) than in the past, and are sometimes turning to major professional website vendors (such as Church Site Creator, here), using encryption (https) as well as major vendors for safe hosting.   Church sites now go way beyond basic information like calendars, schedules, and repositories of sermons.

Today, for example, the First Baptist Church of the City of Washington DC announced the launching of a new website, based on “active verbs”, link here.  

I’ve been out of the loop for goings on in Dallas, TX (I lived there 1979-1988), but I see that the Cathedral of Hope is now affiliated with the United Church of Christ (link here ) and has built an Interfaith Peach Chapel.   The church has a long history on Wikipedia. 

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