Thursday, October 06, 2011

"Occupy DC" takes on "K Street," where you can't blog what you personally know to be true

I wrote a report on my visit to “Occupy DC” (aka “Occupy Wall Street”) on my issues blog today, but since then I have gotten the longer video speech uploaded, which I would like to share here (about a minute and a half).

The content of the protest could be compared to a column this morning by George Will, “Elizabeth Warren and liberalism: twisting the ‘social contract’”, link here. No confusion with the famous “Lizbeth” character of “Yellow Bird Films”, but Warren has a point, that “nobody gets rich on his own” (or her own).  It’s all about context.  But the term “social contract” has taken on a “new old meaning” in the “natural family” debate, about a putative obligation of everyone to “pay it forward” to the next generation.

Here goes. The debates go on, here talking about the "revolt" and giving "K Street" its just desserts.  (You can't credibly work on K Street and blog about what you really think, as a person -- almost by definition.) Stay peaceful, everybody.

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