Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tech Crunch situation is a classic "conflict of interest" for journalists and bloggers

A new controversy over “conflict of interest” has erupted at Tech Crunch. Mike Arrington was reportedly forced out after investing in companies that he wrote about, and then starting his “Crunch Fund”.

Zdnet has a basic news story here. Adriana Huffington reportedly tried to carve out an “exception” for Mike for a while and let him do this. AOL’s press statements were euphemistic, as in the letter.
Paul Carr wrote a piece on Tech Crunch, often republished, as to why he was resigning, here. Paul appeared on CNN before Candy Crowley Sunday morning.

As I have written before, back in 1997 I transferred to an acquiring company in Minneapolis to avoid a potential conflict of interest over writing about gays in the military. That would cause potential complications in my life later with the family back in Arlington. But I had also come to feel that I should not depend on a source close to the military given the political tension over “don’t ask don’t tell”. That’s how I had felt.
Here is CNN’s story

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