Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quotes at new Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial inspire thought or debate

I visited the Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial (url), and then the Korean War Memorial today.

There is a separate site explaining the "Dedicate the Dream" ceremony, rescheduled to Oct. 16 from the hurricane, here.

In the distance, one could still see the rappelling on the Washington Monument.  My own mother used to say "You're not a climber."  True. 

It would seem that some of King’s quotes comport with Josh Groban’s song “War at Home”, which was so moving at the Capitol Fourth celebration this July.  The quote that our loyalties must become ecumenical is certainly interesting.  It certainly needs to transcend tribalism, yet sometimes love needs to be focused on specific people to have generate any energy to start with.

Somehow I had always overlooked the Korean War Memorial. I like the “Freedom is not free” plaque. 
The dedication of this bouquet, from the "Republic of Korea", is interesting.

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