Friday, September 16, 2011

Maybe the soul can teleport itself -- as information "only"

Here’s a little ditty by Dr. Chris Monroe at the University of Maryland on teleportation,
Courtesy of AOL and Adrianna Huffington.

If you want to go to other planets, you don’t have to get in a spaceship. All you need is to move the information that describes you completely to the other world, and some physicists say that the movement of “information” (a reverse of entropy) isn’t bound by the speed of light (as in Jeffrey Mishlove’s 1978 treatise “The Roots of Consciouness”.  Your sense of identity or soul will be reproduced on the other planet (as long as it’s deleted here first). Go listen to Ralph Vaughn Williams and "Toward the Unknown Region", or Charles Ives "The Unanswered Question". 

It’s pretty sobering as to life after death.  Maybe your soul never goes away. If you don’t get things right on this world, you’ll be born into the equivalent of Somalia on the next.

Here’s something from ACLU Massachusetts by Nancy Murray and Kade Crockford, about the American “surveillance state”, reproduced on AlterNet, link.  Once you’re suspect, there’s no way off.  

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