Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Implosion of Righthaven said to bode well for future of progressive digital media

Electronic Frontier Foundation has an important (but hard to find) article dated Sept. 12, by Rainey Reitman and Kurt Opshahl, “From the Ashes of Righthaven, the Promising Future of Digital Media, link (website url) here

EFF points out a promising development in the formation of a company called Digital First, that will try to monetize digital media and blogging in a modern matter.  There is an official press release from the Journal Register Company here, which will be merged with Media News Group.  The Wordpress blog announcement is (website url) here. John Paton writes that in the new world “digital dimes can pay for news rooms”  and can “replace print dollars”.  EFF notes that paywalls and turf-protecting copyright “enforcement” will become necessary in this brave new world. 

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