Monday, September 26, 2011

FL Teacher fired when others film, post and mail her "behavior"

I've posted here about teachers fired for their blog or Facebook postings, but it's pretty easy to get fired for what others post about you, or even mail to school officials. Old school!

A teacher in Florida, Natalie Santagata, was fired from her fourth grade job after videos of her in compromising behavior briefly appeared on YouTube were sent to parents and the school district by “amateur paparazzi”. The Huffington Post has this video:

The activities were carried out with consenting adults in private. The debate over the incident goes on at Gawker here. This is more like a case we could have had twenty years ago.

While we’re discussing teachers’ job security, it’s worth noting another story today on MSNBC, the increase in the percentage of teachers in their first year or two of teaching. Studies show that teachers with at least three years’ experience do get better test results. But so many people leaving teaching within five years.  Given the first part of this posting, is it any wonder why?

The MSN link is here

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