Friday, August 05, 2011

Singles, childless, "intellectual professionals" more likely to share heavily in social media

Yahoo! has completed a study of “Power Sharers” on social media, with some results that correspond to other recent stories about demographics.

People who share a lot of info in social media or blogs tend to be young, male, and often unmarried (45% are single) and childless (about 50%).

They tend to be socially liberal and varied on economic views, often with strongly held convictions (one way the other) on the role of government (libertarianism is common).

When people marry and have children, they often become involved with the sheer physicality of their lives, and become less interested in the abstraction of many ideas talked about on the Web. But that’s by no means universal. Families of people who work in the arts or in media companies (often so-called “blue families” by political demographers) or in technology companies tend to cultivate the individualism that leads to sharing on the web.

The digital media wire link is here.

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