Monday, August 29, 2011

Righthaven said not to be engaging in unauthorized practice of law

The Righthaven matter may be winding down as an extra-tropical low pressure system, it seems. One of the latest wrinkles reported by Steven Green in “Las Vegas Inc” (I know, Vegas can’t have hurricanes) is that Righthaven is practicing law (before the federal courts in Nevada) without a license.  The latest link on this matter is (website url) here

The key idea seems to be that Righthaven isn’t a “law firm” licensed to practice law in Nevada. It is instead just a “contingent-fee agreement masquerading as a company”.

Righthaven Victims reports that the Kincannon Law Firm in Columbia, SC (link) is accepting clients for class-action litigation against Righthaven.

There is another class action from victims in Colorado by Brownstein Hyatt Farber and Schreck, link). 

Recently (Aug. 27), I reported on "patent trolling" on my trademark law blog, a practice following the Righthaven model. A company named Lodsys is at the heart of the matter (with Apple developers). 

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