Monday, August 01, 2011

Missouri, Ontario enact measures limiting teacher use of social media and personal sites that allow student access

In a story by Suzanne Choney from Digital Life, reported today on MSNBC, there is a report of a new Missouri state law that would, among other things, apparently prevent teachers from having “nonwork-related website that allows exclusive access with a current or former student”,  or to use a “work-related website” unless it is available to school officials.

On the surface, this apparently means that teachers cannot “friend” current or former students on social networking sites (that may be what “exclusive access” means), or maintain a personal website that allows potential students to log on.  It would not seem to exclude sites (like my that don’t have logins.

The provision is in 162.069 of a new “Amy Hestir Student Protection Act”.

The MSNBC story is here.

In fact, here is the text online of the Missouri law, link. Read the last sentence of the aforementioned Section carefully.

This report should be thought through in view of other postings here about "employer blogging policies". 

This links to another story on the same site by Helen A.S. Popkin which reports that the regulatory board for teachers in Ontario Province, Canada  bans friending of students on social networking sites or any electronic communication outside of school channels, even if marked private. 

Picture: Kansas City Star press, downtown KCMO, 2006. 

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