Thursday, August 25, 2011

Facebook refines its privacy controls; Weather sites on web getting swamped

Facebook is fine tuning its privacy controls.  Cosmopolitan has a typical story, by Zoe Ruderman, here.  And it points to the “horse’s mouth” (like Stormy, in the 40s Walt Disney short, perhaps), here

The most obviously significant change may be the ability to reject and approve tagging of photos of “you”.  (I do not tag photos of people myself.) 
There is a lot of fine-tuning of who (not necessarily just Friends) who can see any particular content item. This is refined much more than say, with blogging (where it’s possible to mark blogs as private).  Therefore it’s possible to use Facebook as a kind of “corporate Intranet” with a restricted access. 

Facebook also says it’s changing the word “everyone” to “public”.  With “public”, “everyone” may see a particular item, but probably not everyone actually will.

Facebook says it is moving these privacy and audience-restriction options up to where they are easier to find in your Profile. So far, I don’t see them in mine (“public” link – I don’t think I’ve posted my Profile link before!).

There is a strategic importance to all this. Employers could, as a condition of a job, regulate the way people manage their own social media privacy settings to keep customers or clients from accidentally finding out personal information about associates that could drive them away as clients.

Is Mark Zuckerberg "prime minister of the World"?  (They say Bill Clinton is "president of the World").  Time Magazine (in its "Person of the Year" for 2010) used the metaphor "alien anthropologist"  for MZ. What's interesting to me, in a time when politicians are so paralyzed by their "partisan" gridlock in the US that some call for a "Parliamentary System", companies like Facebook, Apple and Google (and individuals within them, even starting in dorm rooms) can get so much done.  All this while President Obama stays on vacation and waits for an East Coast hurricane. 

 By the way, here's an NBC Washington embed on Irene:

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