Friday, July 01, 2011

Righthaven, not ready to crash and burn, throws its own lawyers under; Sherman Frederick's new column

Is Righthaven on the ropes?  Or is it like a baseball manager, removing lawyers like starting pitchers who get into trouble with too many high pitches (walls and gopher balls)?  It’s fun to blame the paeans a throw them “under the train” (scribd link).   This whole Righthaven saga might wind up the subject of a USA series (“Characters welcome”) like the new “Suits” yet – about lawyers.   Maybe it would make for good documentary film, at least POV on PBS.

Sherman Frederick of the Las Vegas Journal Review does have his own comments on this in a June 26, 2011 column (“I’m no rappin’ Barbie doll”), link here and I don’t dare reproduce it.  He says all of this stuff about standing is all technicalities. He does get into some interesting stuff when he talks about Fair Use as more relevant to informational stories than personal commentaries, and gets into the difference between editorials and commentaries.

But other news outlets often say about informational stories, that they shan’t be rewritten or “redistributed”.  But I’ve never heard of that point being litigated.

Yup, if I lived in Las Vegas, I’d probably take my own camera to news sites and write my own stories, even informational. But I try to do that here, in the DC area.

But on June 26, 2011 Steve Green, of the rival "competitor" Las Vegas Sun and “Vegasinc” offered a detailed commentary, “Righthaven hurts news industry, one ruling at a time”, link here

I guess the copyright trolls fight on the side of the Decepticons, as Dreamworks Pictures sees the universe. 

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