Thursday, July 14, 2011

Righthaven cites for misleading federal court; it tries to rewrite its SAA's; courts are accepting some article copying as "fair use"

Righthaven has been fined $5000 for misleading a federal court, in its Nevada suit against the Democratic Underground. The judge cited it for falsely claiming that it owned the copyright in question when in fact Stephens Media had only assigned it the right to sue.  So it did not actually have the “property right” sometimes discussed here in earlier postings.

Kent Bingham has an account in the “One Utah” blog here.

There is some question, raised on the Righthaven Victims blog, as to whether Righthaven or its officers could face sanctions before the Nevada bar.  Maybe “Buble” will write a song “Righthaven is dead”, for Sirius XM’s “The Blend”.

Scribd has a copy of the agreement between Righthaven and Media News, including the Denver Post, here and various other smaller papers, mostly in the west (but the St. Paul Pioneer Press is included, to my surprise; I lived in Minneapolis 1997-2003 and it was the “smaller” newspaper in the Twin Cities).

Righthaven victims is also reporting that Righthaven has been trying to rewrite its SAA’s (“Strategic Alliance Agreement”) and in at least one case, refile a case immediately (July 13 post here ).

There is a master index of most of the coverage of the Righthaven story at “Righthaven Lawsuits”, link here

For example, here is a posting (June 21) on the “Dag T Blog” about how an entire editorial can be reposted within the parameters of “fair use” if it is part of a non-commercial “discussion thread”, here

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