Saturday, July 23, 2011

Judge reduces penalty to Minnesotan in notorious RIAA download case

There is a backtrack story on the RIAA lawsuits. A federal judge has greatly reduced the judgment against Jammie Thomas-Rasset in Minnesota.  She had insisted she did not do the downloads.  RIAA insists that judges do not have the right to change jury awards.

RIAA has since stopped the mass litigation against alleged illegal downloaders, which was often “served” with simple phone calls (like from a debt collector) demanding settlement.

RIAA has changed strategy to pressuring ISP’s to warn users, and the latest development is the Copyright Alert System, discussed here July 8.

A recent concern is that home or small business users could be held responsible for misuse of their routers by “wardrivers”, and it’s not clear yet what constitutes adequate security.  ISP’s should train home users on their responsibilities when selling cable service with home routers.

The link for the story (by Chris Marlowe) on Digital Media Wire is here

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