Tuesday, July 26, 2011

CNN on tracking; did I get "super-tracked" by "TP"?

Here is a CNN video by Chad Myers on tracking. Browsers now offer the ability to opt out of tracking, with varying levels of effectiveness (discussed in earlier posts). The FCC scramble last spring is discussed.
Here’s something interesting as a personal anecdote. I have been blogging about the debt ceiling crisis, presenting all sides and taking fairly moderate positions (we must pay our bills on time!). Today I get a phone call about a rally at the Capitol Lawn from the Tea Party (aka Toilet Paper) for a “Hold the Line” rally on my home phone (and then I get a second one that hangs up).  I don’t publish my home phone, only my cell. It disturbs me that someone tracked this down. I don’t know how.  I sounds like a kind of “super-tracking.” 

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