Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This day, 23 years ago, the same day of the week, a sad moment before relocation

Today is Tuesday, June 28, and 23 years ago, on the same day of the week, I left my condo in the Pleasant Grove section of Dallas, TX to drive “home” back to Arlington VA, and leave a life I had enjoyed for 9-1/2 years.

My employer was being bought out, after struggling with a “leveraged buyout”, in the era of hostile takeovers. These were the days Texas was reeling from the Savings and Loan crisis and oil surplus. I knew that the company’s operation in Dallas would eventually be shut down and merged. Yes, I could play for the “incentive to stay” and big severance, but I chose to take a less-than-perfect job offer in Washington DC, and move closer to my widowed mother.

I remember the sad moment of locking up the condo, around 2:15 PM CDT in the afternoon; it would soon be rented, and driving away on I-635 and getting onto I-20 and heading through east Texas. I’d spend the first night in eastern Arkansas, and the second in the Tennessee mountains. I’d pass through Memphis and Nashville, places I haven’t visited often.   But it is a down time to gradually shut down a life you have treasured.

A new period in my life would start, difficult at times; but eventually it would set up the circumstances leading to the authorship of my first “Do Ask Do Tell” book and another move to Minneapolis nine years later, in 1997. 

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