Thursday, June 30, 2011

Internet company(s) face fines for allowing ads for illegal products; not good for the "Internet business model" (CNN AC360 breaking story)

I am not one to snap at the hand that feeds me, but I must, for completeness, give the visitor a link to a CNN AC360 story tonight about huge financial setaside for possible fines regarding illegal online ads for pharmaceuticals, which normally require prescriptions that in turn normally require a personal medical  visit to a prescribing physician, or at least a history of visits with legal refills.  The link is (website url) here

It was discussed on the AC360 program tonight by Sanjay Gupta, with an appearance by Joseph Califano.

Of course, the disturbing implication would concern the business model upon which free entry to Internet self-promotion and self-publishing is based:  ultimately, advertising revenue.  And Internet service companies and search engines do tend to follow, pragmatically, a “hear no evil, see no evil” or “don’t ask don’t tell” policy sometimes on the legality of the products advertised.  It’s not good for anyone if these are predicated too much on illegal products.

The report noted a correlation between prescription drug abuse among young people and high speed Internet access, which sounded bizarre. 

However, this problem has been known since early May and did not affect securities prices on Wall Street today.

Picture: apparent small tornado damage near Gettysburg, PA early this spring (unrelated to story)

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