Monday, June 06, 2011

The GOP, Ayn Rand, "conservatism", and openness to "sacrifice"

Stephen Prothero has an interesting column in USA Today Monday morning (yup, history pop quiz time in high school) – “You can’t reconcile Ayn Rand and Jesus Christ”.  

He goes on to discuss Paul Ryan (R-WI) and objectivism and his attachment to Rand, and could make the same comment about Ron Paul.    Ayn Rand is the new darling of the GOP, he says. And Ayn Rand is farther away from Christianity than Karl Marx. 

Real Christianity – real faith in any reasonable religious system, including Islam and Judaism both – involves acceptance of uncertainty and the need for sacrifice.  Prothero says this about true conservatism (but I would wonder about libertarianism in this context).  A lawyer once said to me, “you land where you land”.  That happens sometimes.  Lives are reset (maybe like Internet connections) because of the needs of the larger community. There can exist no sustainable freedom without accepting that.  

I can wonder how this comports with libertarianism and my friends at the Cato Institute.

Prothero’s column is here  and is syndicated today in many newspapers.
Second picture: from a weekend trip to Minnesota, this the iron range country.

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