Friday, June 10, 2011

As Father's Day approaches: Dad is very likely a geek, now, just like any "king of the world"

Not only may your boss be a geek, or may “the King of the World” may be a geek, so may your dad, at least according to Tech Republic’s Jason Hiner,  with a little missive, “Six Things Geeks Dads Really Want for Father’s Day”, link here
Don’t expect him to clean up your own computer, or remove your latest virus; and kids, don’t drop your geek toys. 

Bill Gates became a dad, eventually, remember.  (Mark Z., we haven’t heard anything, yet.) And so was the super-hero of “The Event”, a computer hacker and game designer who saves the world from aliens before finding out he is a dad to one himelf, and therefore is one of them himself. 

There is something else in all this as we rethink our family values, even to invite in LGBT people to become parents (which they have been for years).  That old machismo role model for Dad, shown by Brad Pitt’s character in “The Tree of Life” is hopefully receding, to a kinder, gentler paradigm for father.  Let’s hope so.
 One other thing -- yes, the picture above may have fit into "Sophie's Choice", but the next one shows real progress, finally, in rebuilding from 9/11.

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