Saturday, May 14, 2011

A small anomaly from the recovery from this week's Blogger issues

I’ve noticed a small anomaly from the incident this past week where Blogger was in read-only mode for about 20 hours May 12 and May 13, and where Blogger removed most postings made during that period and then re-loaded them.

They appeared to have the correct dates, but I discovered the labels not restored, and I noticed that in the edit panel a combo label consisting of a concatenation of all the label strings that had been there.

I re-added the labels, and found that Blogger moved the post to the date and time of my doing so. If you look at the post right before this, you’ll see a note that I had actually posted it on Wednesday May 11. It got reloaded in the right place, but moved to today (as if deleted and re-added) when I put the right labels back in.

No big deal.  I've since noticed that one can use the "Post Options" to back date the posts and cause them to appear in the right posting sequence again. I've tried this on several blogs and everything displays in the right sequence.  

The Support Forum for this problem is here, and I made a posting to it. Bloggers may find solutions to other "post recovery" issues there. 

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