Monday, May 23, 2011

More on Righthaven in Colorado; it gets complicated

As in Las Vegas, another federal judge has raised questions about Righthaven’s standing to sue in Colorado, how, as in this “Vegasinc” story , dated May 19, by Steve Green, link here. It now appears (to me, at least) that “Las Vegas Inc” and the “Las Vegas Sun” are the same company.

Judge Kane wrote a bizarre statement, reported in the article, questioning his own “subject matter jurisdiction” but the effect is to air the question about whether Righthaven’s “business model” comports with US copyright law.  But it seems as though Righthaven's standing to sue is now under serious challenge in both Nevada and Colorado, with different judges. 

In another story, the Righthaven Victims blog, on May 23, noted that the Denver Post lacks major competition in the Denver market, and that Denver residents have not been well informed about the controversy over the proper way to protect the legitimate copyright ownership interests in newspaper stories, individual story link here.  (The story title reminds me of Lars von Trier's "Dancer in the Dark".) Remember that the Rocky Mountain News (a newspaper I personally remember well from my days in Kansas in the 1960s), the previous major competitor, had shut down in 2009 (NPAA story). 

Here’s a “blawg search” on the combination of “Righthaven” and “champerty”, link

See also posts of May 1 and April 7, closely related. 

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