Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maybe cell phones also need a "do not track" feature? -- story on iPhone, and ability of police to read phone memories for whereabouts

NBC Justice correspondent Pete Williams tonight (April 21) reported about the ability of the Apple iPhone and iPad to track the user’s movements.  This was a discovery by British forensic experts. Michigan State Police have been using a device to copy a cell phone’s memory of people it stops, although the police deny doing this for routine traffic stops.  The Michigan ACLU is suing to have the practice stopped, and there are real legal questions as to the need for a search warrant before reading cell phone geolocation memory.

Do other cell phones and Blackberries have this ability?

This story seems to enrich the debate on “Do Not Track”.

Here's another version, discussion the "Universal Forensic Extraction Device", on Network World here. Police can "suck data" out of cell phones in two minutes.

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