Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ACLU, and now AOL join the discussion on protecting Internet privacy rights (see ACLU petition)

The ACLU has a petition link “tell these companies to protect our privacy”.  The link for the page is here.     The emphasis on this page is companies all too willingly sharing info with the government; but of course the concerns jive with the recent concerns over selling information to marketeers and the whole “do not track” controversy, and the concept of an “Internet Privacy Bill of Rights”.

Today Alison Haislip talked on AOL about watching your privacy on Facebook: the possibility that  some “friends” are robots collecting information to sell to companies.  I think the same thing happens with “followers” on Twitter who come and go quickly.  Maybe not a big deal for most people.

Also, check out The Washington Times editorial today "Government tracks your iPhone, too; Apple isn’t alone in the privacy invasion department", link here.

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