Friday, March 18, 2011

New York Times to implement a paywall by end of March for most visitors

The New York Times will implement a paywall for most US visitors at the end of March, 2011. A paid subscription will be required after visiting 20 articles a months. The Atlantic (with the Financial Times) has an interview today here.

The New York Times has its own "analytic geometry" story here.    The cheapest plan is $15 every "Februaru month" of four weeks ($195 a year). 

 Print subscribers would get online content "free" (except on e-books).  Again, one main objection to print subscription is that it must be stopped for vacations.  Daily delivery is $7.40 a week in most locations (a considerable discount from newsstand prices). 

Other newspapers will surely look at the paywall.  Having one could help newspapers enforce copyright claims (as we’ve discussed with Righthaven).

Originally, the plan was to take effect January 1, 2011, so readers got a bit of a break. But the paywall goes into effect just as the news gets as scary as ever.

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