Monday, March 28, 2011

"Color": instant social networking by your cell phone, like it or not

Here’s the ultimate in “social networking”, without even the need for a structure like “friending”. It’s called “Color” (link), a startup that definitely is not in black and white.  It’s supposed to be announced March 31 for Android and iPhones, according to founder Bill Nguyen, who reportedly has raised $40 million in startup investors.

Color will connect users who sign up for the app with their phones and let others follow them and share their experiences.  It’s a bit like putting a camera around your cat’s neck and making a movie about his roamings. (A Seattle couple really did that.) The Huffington Post (Bianca Boster story link) calls it a social network for the “Post PC” and “Post Privacy” world. Divorce lawyers and private eye's will love this. 

Even a news source in China calls it a social network for the here and now, link. Will Facebook come up with a counter to this?

I would wonder about the copyright implications. Would you have the legal right to post an image that appeared on your phone taken by someone else and transmitted by the application?

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