Friday, February 11, 2011

Webmasters and YouTube posters would do well to learn about how royalty rights management works

Thursday YouTube announced an agreement with a company called RightsFlow to assist in licensing, royalties, and music rights management. The story by Mark Hefflinger on Digital Media Wire is here

The RightsFlow site is worth visiting./  It describes itself as a "licensing and royalty services provider".

Yesterday, I made my first video with my digital piano. I don’t think it needs royalty management yet (rather in the vein of "Teaching Little Fingers to Play"). But I do have a large collection of handwritten composed classical music that I want to get entered, perhaps requiring a MacIntosh with Logic. 

Filmmakers and webmasters might do well to become familiar with how royalty services companies work, given all that is “going on” these days. 

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