Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Up to 25% of broadband Internet traffic may be P2P-related organized "piracy"; Another mass litigation suit (XPays), this time back to P2P

Shaun Waterman has a story on p. A5 of the Feb. 1 Washington Times, “Pirated content almost 25% of Net traffic, Copyright violations ‘large-scale, organized”, link here 

According to the article, illegal download, most of it in P2P and BitTorrent environments and driven by underground “profitable” enterprises, take up 25% of our bandwidth and increase costs for all broadband users.

On Jan. 21, a number of media outlets reported that XPays, Inc., had filed 843 suits against “John Does” identified only by Internet addresses, for illegal downloading by P2P of content including the Paris Hilton tapes,  a typical story on Seedbox here.

It’s questionable that trolling for home Internet users of P2P would do much to deter criminal underground infringers, and it is even more dubious that suing bloggers (Righthaven) who reproduce stories in conventional web publishing environments will do much to stop mass infringers or save newspapers.
The TWT story did not mention Righthaven specifically. Interesting.

Picture: last May, near Baltimore (unrelated)

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