Monday, February 28, 2011

Righthaven Defendant in South Carolina countersues over the "domain name" transfer

A defendant in South Carolina originally sued by Righthaven is countersuing  in S.C., largely on the basis that Righthaven’s demands for domain name transfer are unsupported by copyright law. The action demands that all defendants from whom such domain transfer demands had been made. Steve Green has a detailed story Feb. 27 in the Las Vegas Sun here.  

Righthaven has claimed that the domain name seizure can be justified by theory of Equity, as a way to prevent future infringement.

The Righthaven Victims blog has called this the “Shock and Awe” counterattacks. You can follow this group on Twitter now here. The group says the Media Bloggers Association is now also assisting, although I can’t find any mention of Righthaven at MBA yet (there is still a lot of older material about the AP controversy there).


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