Thursday, February 17, 2011

Library of Congress website can be used to track Righthaven "purchases"; American Justice admits champerty is probably legal; Congress needs to fill DMCA loopholes

A posting on the “Righthaven Victims Blog” provides a writeup on how to look for all the “intellectual properties” that Righthaven has so far “purchased” and registered with the Copyright Office.The link is (website url) here.  The basic idea is to go to the US Copyright website, public catalog page, type in “Righthaven” as a “keyword” and get a list of all articles.   Right now there are 151 such articles.  The blog posting notes that as of yet there is no automated program to scrub a site (or Blogger or Wordpress account) for these articles.  Somebody could make money by writing one.

American Justice has an article, Feb. 13, “Righthaven is a Black Eye on the Law Profession”, link here.     According to the article, Righthaven’s practice is probably legal under the letter of the law, and Congress should fix some serious loopholes in the process, especially the Safe Harbor mechanism. Otherwise suing blogger for “shakedown settlements” could become a “cottage industry” and make them uninsurable.

The article mentions one of the victims, Uswgo, which seems now  to be back up with a discussion of Righthaven, here

As of this morning, Righthaven has 241 lawsuits in three states. The most recent was filed Feb. 7.

You can search the Copyright Catalog for my works under name “Boushka Bill”.  It "still" works.

 Picture: My third grade report card.  More about that later.  

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