Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Getting "rescued" by telepathy, and being called to do the rescuing

I recall a few occasions in my life where a “good Samaritan” appeared, almost as if by telepathy.

Back in September 1992, I was on a bike trip with Adventuring (DC’s lgbt outdoors group, link) in Delaware, when I fell behind the group in a heavy rain. Once I approached Maryland 301, a nice older couple with a pickup truck (and room for a bike) offered me a ride back to Millington so I could get carpooled home to DC (after dinner, pantless but with sheets because of the soaking rains).

It’s hard to be prepared for meeting “the real needs of other people.”  I once got a lecture from a female Dallas coworker back around 1981 about how men are supposed to be able to change tires for women (or jump start them), when she had a flat in the Zale Building parking lot.  For me, prevention of physical challenges or loss is a much easier, if evasive, strategy.

Sometimes, I find that the communication of need happens through telepathy, with one's showing up at just the right time to forestall harm.  Maybe that's the next advance in technology, to tap into telepathy as well as microwaves.  Maybe telepathy can go faster than the speed of light to other planets and solar systems. 

I’ll come back to this soon as I prepare to say more about “The Social Contract” (not just “The Social Network”). But this is all about "Inception". And it's about karma. 

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