Sunday, January 16, 2011

Project Management for plans for my own "Do Ask Do Tell"

Well, my plans to make “Do Ask Do Tell” into a viable content franchise (movies, etc) could use some formal project management.

In my current situation, I have a part time job where I work some weeks and not others.  In general, I believe I can be “productive” and focused 76 hours a week. This includes time to make my content suitable for third-party agenting (Hollywood’s notorious “Third Party Rule”), maintaining the blogs, and reformatting and streamlining my web presence so that it “sells”.

The items that most affect my work with third parties include:

(1)(1)    The novel “Brothers”
(2)(2)    The sequel sci-fi screenplay to my “Titanium” film (it’s two movies)
(3)(3)    The five-part non-fiction “Do Ask Do Tell III” that brings all of my “philosophy” up to date.
(4) (4)   Restructuring of the websites and blogs

In general, I think I can complete (1) by Feb. 14, (2) by March 14, (3) by April 11 (with publication online and perhaps a formal e-book) (4) by May 16.  After that, I would be ready to “talk business”.

My own “week” runs Monday through Sunday so that a weekend is exactly that (a contiguous Saturday night, perhaps on a disco floor).

There will be some travel – to my old haunts of Dallas and Minneapolis (when it gets warmer), and then probably LA, maybe London.  But one has to be productive on the Road and use the Cloud.
The blogs will eventually pare down. A few of them don’t have but a couple entries per month. Generally, starting in February, blog postings will have a narrower focus, with less regurgitation of facts, and more connecting of dots.  They will focus on the more critical problems, such as (1) keeping the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” (already challenged) (2)  some of the existential challenges to Web speech, such as copyright trolling (and the confusion over how speakers can protect themselves, as with Safe Harbor)  (3) sustainability, especially with respect to demographics as well as environmental and public health issues (4) asymmetry.

My own emotional locus is “different” from that of other persons; it is experienced in music and ideas before it reaches people.  I always believed it was important to become “productive” on one’s own before expecting a “relationship”, and the freedom to call one’s own shots became the modern mode of moral self-advancement, as well as mental and physical health.  It is the way I became effective (with the Web and universal search, passive self-promotion) that made me understand older ways of seeing things, when personal purposes were always defined by the needs of others.

Post script:   I like whiffleball, so I thought this Bing video was entertaining (25 seconds), getting ready for Sping Training and MLB, while I work my "project".  Yup, I wonder if Stephen Strasburg is throwing again.

<br /> <a href=";rel=msn&amp;from=en-us_msnhp&amp;form=msnrll&amp;gt1=42007&amp;src=v5:embed:&amp;fg=sharenoembed" target="_new" title="Pitcher throws wicked wiffle ball curves">Video: Pitcher throws wicked wiffle ball curves</a>

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