Thursday, December 16, 2010

Judges in West Virginia, Washington DC restrict copyright troll suits "out of state" on jurisidictional issues

A judge in West Virginia has forbidden plaintiffs from identifying potential defendants in seven “copyright troll” lawsuits against unnamed individuals for downloading copyrighted porn. The plaintiffs are trying to use the subject matter of the downloads to force early settlement. The judge will not allow refilling unless plaintiffs can show the defendants acted in West Virginia. Electronic Frontier Foundation has the story here.

Also Nate Anderson at Ars Technica wrote that the US Copyright group had dropped about 5000 defendants from P2P independent movie downloading cases, link here. This amounted to 93% of the defendants, whom the judge indicated weren’t under the jurisdiction of a DC court.

The case could be important in the Righthaven case, for defendants who do not operate in Nevada, if judges there take the same approach on jurisdiction.

DMB Digital Media Wire has a similar story on the US Copyright Group case (website url) here.

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