Monday, September 13, 2010

Social media and friends' lists can help properly aggregate content (like movie reviews)

Jenna Wortham has an interesting New York Times Business Section, p B1, “Search Takes a Social Turn: Web Companies Aim to Capitalize on the Wisdom of Friends”, link here .

The thrust of the article is that companies can comb lists of friends on social networking sites to determine which marketers are most likely to interest “you” because they interested your “friends”. It seems to be pretty reliable.

There is a lot of recommendation software, used by sites like Amazon and Netflix. In fact, I sometimes find them useful, as Netflix can remind me of an older film about a particular topic that I had forgotten about.

My own technique of aggregation is to use the “label” on blogger (particularly effective for movie reviews) or to group related films on static web pages (which is how I did it on doaskdotell).

It also discussed a website that “personalizes the Internet” called (website url) “Hunch” in New York, with Chris Dixon, left, and Matt Gattis.

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