Sunday, September 26, 2010

More "high country" home companion

More adventures on the road – a retrospect of the Memorial Day Weekend my senior year (1961). No, I didn’t make it up Mt. Washington (I promise to do that by May); I ventured into the Blackwater Canyon and Canaan Valley, W Va country where my “best friend” went on a church retreat that weekend and experienced snow.

I had never driven up Allegheny Mountain on W Va 93 before, and I saw some “new stripmining”, or maybe a quarry, as well as more on US291.

Needing “relief” I stumbled into a prayer service in Red House, MD in a little stretch of Route 50 that ventures into MD between two segments of W Va.

The “high country” is always interesting to me. By the way, US 219, as it approaches the Maryland line, becomes another "Skyline Drive", without any parking overlooks.

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