Saturday, September 04, 2010

GPS dating: is it "Internet speed dating"? Is it safe for Marathon Man?

I remember in a screenwriting group a young man was promoting his script on speed-dating, but GPS dating is the newest wrinkle (and it will probably generate a mainstream Hollywood comedy before long). ABC has a story by Brianna Golodryga and Mary Pflum, “GPS Dating: There’ an ap for that, but know the risks; couple builds a life together after meeting on a whim through their phones,” link here.

It isn’t hard to imagine that, if used carelessly, the devices could lead to someone being stalked as hey go home. However, Skout  says no one can figure out exactly your address until you tell them.

Recently, security experts have warned that pictures taken from many cell phone cameras and GPS-enabled digital cameras contain watermarks giving exactly locations – a possibility used in plots of spy movies for several years.

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