Thursday, August 19, 2010

OpenDNS can make web browsing faster, more reliable, and even safer

There has been some hype lately about OpenDNS, which is often implemented at the router level (as in a home wireless network), and replaces your ISP’s domain name lookup with an efficient performed by the OpenDNS service. Generally, routers (like Netgear) offer a choice between using your ISP to resolve a DNS with alternatives supplied by the router.

People use OpenDNS for faster DNS resolution, as some ISP’s have trouble reaching some sites (even major ones like CNN and Yahoo!) for some part of a business day. I have had situations where Comcast could not reach my AOL mail but Verizon wireless could.

David Pogue has a story in the Business Day section of the New York Times today (Aug. 19), “Simplifying the Lives of Web Users”, link (website url) here.

Lee Hemmer has a review “OpenDNS Review: Surf Safer and Faster with OpenDNS” on Bright Hub, May 5, 2010,  here

Today I discussed the ability of parents to whitelist or blacklist sites with OpenDNS on my COPA blog. Actually, the OpenDNS site  mentions this and displays a “Family Shield” trademark.

IPCAdministrator has this tutorial on YouTube.

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