Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When out and about, stumbling on a CCC relic in VA: regimentation is the answer to economic troubles?

Today, on route 675 crossing East Massanutten Mountain (from the Fort Valley), I stumbled upon Camp Roosevelt NF-1 (link), the first of the Civilian Conservation Corps established in 1933 during the “Great Depression”. The site is in the George Washington National Forest, and there are a couple of posters showing the pictures of barracks that the manual laborers lived in.

That was the answer to economic depression back in the 1930s. Encourage young men to sign up for a military-style regimented life doing public works (here rather low tech, basic things).

Now, "they" (both the conservatives opposing Obamacare, etc, and the liberals wanting a waterproof safety net) we face a “Long Depression.” The lessons of the past should stay with us. Remember the Maoist cultural revolution of the 60s was supposed to promote “absolute justice.” Forget a free market economy, everybody pays his dues.

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