Thursday, July 01, 2010

Facebook gives users more direct privacy controls in application use -- "asking and telling" or "asking and receiving"

Facebook has announced an “asking and telling” or more properly “asking and receiving” policy for privacy controls when Facebook users access external applications or “Facebook-integrated” websites. It calls the policy a "simplified permissions launch".

The new controls will take place when you log on to an application from your Facebook account. It will be allowed to access only the public parts of your profile until you give specific permissions otherwise.

Facebook’s blog has a writeup here.

It gives an example with a greeting card application, jihjab.

A Webroot tweet informed followers of this development early this morning.

I’m still impressed by the overall philosophy of Facebook, to take what used to be a publishing and self-broadcast concept for web use and turn it into a process to get direct “social results.” Strategically, this could have long term impact on the “implicit content” problem.

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