Monday, July 12, 2010

Blizzard gaming site tries force users to display real names in forums, then relents

Electronic Frontier Foundation has an interesting take on Blizzard (a gaming site) requiring users to use real names on their forums, inasmuch as how their identities would be posted. (This would be accomplished by the "Real ID System" here.) The link for the article by Eva Galperin is here.

EFF disputes the idea that, when given access to anonymity, perfectly normal adults will start flaming. Oh, it sometimes seemed like that on AOL ten years ago.

On the other hand, Facebook has promulgated the idea that “you have only one identity” (personal and professional life integrate, even for members of the military), and lately career coaches have been suggesting that professionals develop well-integrated web presence and abstain from anonymity, as on trash talk boards.

Blizzard, at last report, just dropped the identity disclosure policy. (Remember the movie “Identity”?)

I couldn’t find the policy or the retraction, but the Forum guidelines (as for World of Warcraft) are quite detailed as to conduct expected, as with this link.

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