Friday, July 09, 2010

AOL advises members about online reputation, with a beginner's guide

AOL has a bread-and-butter article about online reputation this morning (July9), mentioning Michael Fertok and Reputation Defender, and discussing the way some unsavory interests aggregate information from the web and even the telephone white pages (creating security problems), here. The article is titled "What People Can Find Out About You Online" -- including "strangers" (or maybe "strangelets").

Who’s Looking You Up, Why it Matters and How to Take Control
It recommends taking a pro-active approach, making sure that the most positive information appears first in search engines, as well as watching what people write on your walls on Facebook or how your profile comes across.

There is a problem in that employers and others are getting lazy, sometimes replacing formal background checks with “online checks” that are likely to be inaccurate and misleading.

Celebrities hire media firms to polish their online images. Some younger media figures, like Ashton Kutcher, are very well known in their ability to project image on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter with their own effort. (His Myspace blog always has a lot of real substance; today there’s video clip from “Valentine’s Day” costar Cater Jenkins).

Picture: I'm out of the coffin corner, materialized in a Radio Shack store. No underage drinking here.

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