Thursday, June 17, 2010

Websites promoting anorexia and bulimia: do they test the limits of free speech?

On Thursday night June 17, ABC “World News Tonight” with Diane Sawyer presented a story that some will find as a reason to erode freedom of speech on the Web. The story title is “Pro-Anorexia Websites Send Convoluted and Deadly Messages, Study Finds: A Large Review of 'Pro-Ana' Websites Finds Deadly Advice Alongside Dangerous Support”, link here.

Supposedly search engines had suppressed these sites a few years ago, but a quick check tonight found many showing up, as well as this ABC news story. There is even a pro-ana blog on blogger here.

The film “Lucky Ducks” by Tracey Jackson (movies blog, April 9, 2010), about her daughter, pointed out that poor people have very few eating disorders, and this comment makes anorexia and bulimia sound self-indulgent. The HBO film “Thin” (TV blog, Oct. 14, 2007) had examined the agony of a family of a girl in treatment.

In discos, men tend to be lean (from exercise and popularity), but 6 feet and 160 pounds is a healthy kind of lean.

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