Thursday, June 24, 2010

Marketing group will help data collection companies self-regulate

A group called the Better Advertising Project will help implement a new system (“Ghostery Software”) to track and report on data collection by marketing companies of web behavior by consumers. The group explains its mission in a brief statement here.  

A story in the Wall Street Journal today (June 24) on p B2 (“Marketplace”), “Group to police web privacy abuses; new system to track the trackers of consumer habits is attempt at self-regulation,” link here.

The Federal Trade Commission says it will endorse more regulation of Internet marketing if the industry doesn’t come up with clear methods to police itself, give consumers opt-outs (at least – some say there should be opt-in), and show consumers what they are doing.

The effort is important strategically because in the long run, "free entry" web publishing is dependent on successful and ethical Internet marketing busienss models.

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