Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Washington Times may be sold by Unification Church; former editor may be investor

Ian Shapira has a story on p A11 of the Saturday May 1 Washington Post, “Unification Church will put Washington Times up for Sale”, link (web url) here.

The article mentions John Solomon, publisher of the Energy Guardian (and a former editor of TWT who resigned in Nov. 2009), as likely to be a major investor.

The Unification Church has reduced subsidies and ordered massive cuts late in 2009, resulting in elimination of the Sunday paper.

The Washington Times has long been known as the “conservative” paper in the DC area (but so is the free “Washington Examiner”). The paper has sometimes caricatured the debate over gay rights, putting quotes around the word “marriage” when talking about gay marriage, and producing an aerial shot of the 1993 March on Washington. True, some of its editors and columnists see conservatism in “social responsibility” terms, like the “natural family” notion which sees inequality as inevitable makes family responsibility (and family “communitarianism”) more fundamental that the idea of individual choice and consequences. But in the 1990s the paper started running more columns of a libertarian nature, from columnists such as Deroy Mudoch.

I have had good success with my own letters to the editor; five of six have been published (see August 22, 2008 on this blog).

On October 12, 2005 the Washington Times published a controversial editorial on bloggers and Campaign Finance Reform that accidentally ignited a controversy with my own substitute teaching (see this blog July 27, 2007). That editorial is no longer available online but it had read “Everyone else, like those who pay nothing for a site at, would have to have some way of knowing if their blogging is violating the briar patch of campaign-finance laws which only lawyers know how to navigate. Forcing a potential blogger to hire a lawyer would effectively kill the blogosphere as we've come to know and appreciate it.”

I hope that the links to the Washington Times articles stay out there indefinitely. I have referred to many of them, and TWT has covered some dangers, maybe with a bit of fanaticism, of potential perils like “electromagnetic pulse” attacks that other papers won’t touch (see the “EMP” label on my International Issues blog).

I could not find a story on The Washington Times website this morning about the Post story.

(P.S._ sorry -- I first mistyped the title of the post as "Washington Tomes" -- no pun intended, but the pun would actually work!)

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