Thursday, May 06, 2010

A Sunday prayer notes that we continue to add up the cost of everything

There were some words in the “Prayer and Confession” Sunday morning (May 2) at the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Arlington VA that caught my eyes. They were “You offer us grace and visions of abundant life, but we live judging others, counting the cost of everything. Clinging to old ways, we rail to reflect on the new things you are doing.”

Is this a matter of “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”? It strikes me that individualism has found a common denominator, call it “karma” – and we normally view considering one’s karma as a good thing. One should be aware of his or her unseen dependencies or perhaps evasions of shared risk. Yet, the whole idea of an akashic record seems to reduce things to getting a “grade” on one’s life. Final exams always come.

There is a notion of “station in life” and it comprises a lot more than money: things like notability, achievement, expression, a sense of public importance, and even sovereignty over adult relationships (our legal system calls this concept “consent”).  The notion also encompasses the capability to resist adapting goals chosen by others when one has a personal moral objection to those goals.

But then there is “living in a community”, isn’t there. Stay tuned.

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