Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Internet companies and advocacy groups propose a "digital due process" upgrade to 1986 electronic privacy law

On March 30, the Electronic Frontier Foundation posted a release “EFF joins with Internet companies and advocacy groups to reform privacy law: Coalition urges updates to electronic privacy statute to reflect Web 2.0 world”. The link is here.

The focus of the recommendations have to do with preventing citizens and netizens from being tracked or monitored without their consent, especially by government, when there is no probable cause to suspect them of having done anything wrong. There is a new concept “digital due process” which is much more difficult in a world of open systems where you want anonymity and free entry but accountability at the same time.

Existing law is contained by the Electronic Privacy Communications Act of 1986, text here . The Digital Due Process Coalition describes its goals in this summary white paper (or blue paper) here.

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