Wednesday, April 28, 2010

EFF explains in detail how to opt out of Facebook's Instant Personalization

Electronic Frontier Foundation has published a short user’s guide giving the detailed steps to opt out of Facebook’s “Instant Personalization”. The steps include blocking Pandora (a reference to “Avatar”?) and Yelp. The EFF link is here.

I think that one’s desire to participate or not in the Personalization simply depends on one’s circumstances and overall strategy for web presence. Personalization could be a useful step in selling oneself (even trying to sell a movie project to investors, perhaps) but it has to be though through carefully.

Members might also want to study Facebook’s link for Site Connect, here. I tried it with imdb’s entry for the 1988 WB film “Stand and Deliver” which has gotten attention lately, and found the entry noted on my Facebook wall. I went ahead and told users how to find my review of the movie on my Movie Reviews blog (April 26).

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